My favourite blogs

In 2012 I started this blog, which brought me a lot of fun and inspiration. I also received a lot of nice comments and reactions from readers. Thanks for that! And please stay doing that, because like reading them.

I want to share some of my favourite blogs that I wrote. Maybe you have seen them already or otherwise they are fun to read (and watch). You can view them below.

1. Pinterest collage in geel
3. Coole jongenskamer
4. Opruimen maar
5. Made by &SUUS
6. We like to play
7. Pinterest collage

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post nr 1,  post nr. 4
post nr. 6  and post nr. 7

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  1. Hi! Ik had vorige keer helemaal niet door dat ik een reactie kon plaatsen op je blog zelf. Wat suf! Leuk dat &SUUS in je top staat!
    Ik zal je give away nog even delen op FB! Klopt het trouwens dat je 2 accounts hebt?

    Fijne dag nog!
    Liefs Suus