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Dutch Designed baby toys, all handmade is what describes this beautiful Shop Olmoost owned by Dutch designer Merike.

Olmoost colourful felt baby toys (30% wool) are all unique and handmade. Soft, simple shades in contrasting colours and specially made for baby eyes and hands.
Manchester (UK) bases Dutch designer Merike van de Vijver has an extensive background in children's animation and model making. As a mother of two all her designs are thoroughly tested by her own test panel.

You can pick one or combine several soft toys for a one of a kind mobile. Pick and mix to make a special gift or look for a unique toy for your own baby.

And if you want, you can make it a one of a kind by putting a name on it! As a mom I know how special it is to get a really personal gift.

Also nice to mention, Olmoost will send your order to anywhere in the world! (with low shipping costs)

In this shop seeing all these cute items,they made me smile. Off course we like owls, but what about, for example, this cute camel! Adorable. I've been looking around in this nice shop and saw so many beautiful things, that I want to show....

1. Olmo the Owl
2. Mos the Fox
3. Birth Announcement
4. Olle ratlles  (nice to send instead of a card to a new baby born!)
5. Dutch Camel
6. Mobile

This shop is so nice to view. If you want to see more you can click here to go to Olmoost.


Feel free to visit Olmoost here >>>.

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