Beautiful houseboat Zaandam

Reading this nice blog room to bloom, written by Ursela, a Duch interior designer living in London I fel in love with his cabin. This super sweet bedroom belongs to Lise who is four years old. She lives with her parents and her little sister on a houseboat in Zaandam, the Netherlands. The boat used to be a commercial barge and was converted by Bas & Wendy into a light and spacious living space. You can take a peek aboard their amazing home here.Lise’s mum is a spatial designer, and her dad is the founder and owner of Waterloft.nl, a company that is involved in projects near or on the water. Their best advice for creating an amazing space for your child: keep children’s scale in mind when designing the room. Create small nooks that make your child feel comfortable and secure – cabin beds or beds built into walls are a great example of this.