Gorgous DIY lamp koker poster

Seeing this gorgeous DIY Lamp at Analeenasham blog,which is inspiring to read, I wanted to share it. Making such a stylish lamp out of an empty cardboard roll that was saved after buying a poster is brilliant.

According to me you can not have too many light sources at home and the light that is used was only a two watt low energy lamp that gives a dull and cozy light. And off course you can make a short version with you cardboard roll from your kitchen. Off course every color can be made in your kid´s room...what about neon! Below more info...also about the max watt light to use.

Isn´t it a great moment to finally buy that poster you always wanted!

 You need
.a cardboard roll
.black tape
.low 2 watt bulb
.lamp cord

Start to thread the lamp cord through the tube and when you are satisfied with how much you want it to show out of the tube fasten it with the tape. I let the lamp stay inside the tube because I used 2 watt low energy lamp which does not get hot, never use lamps that are stronger than two watt for this. But if you want to be sure about it all and just to be on the safe side, let the lamp stick out of the tube. And last I made a hole on the tube and hang it on to the wall. Done!


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