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Buisjes & Beugels +++  which means 'tubulars and braces', was founded in 2005 by dutch product designer and mother Kellie Smits.
Kellie started designing kids fashion collections, which were a great succes, as she won the Kèk Trend Awards 2006 with her second collection. After three years she delivered her collections to 45 countries worldwide.

In 2007 the Buisjes En Beugels +++ webshop was launched. And soon Kellie started to add 'guest labels' to her assortment. More and more unique and personal labels, which she found via internet, were added and the webshop became more and more succesfull.
Because Kellie is originally a product designer she desired more and more back to design products next to fashion. In 2009 she designed INSEKT desk and in 2011 it was ready to be launched on the international market. We cannot think of BB+++ now without thinking of INSEKT!

In 2012 the webshop is redesigned and lots of new labels are introduced. Labels like Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Hay and Dutch Designers Floris Hovers and Mae Engelgeer are added to the collection. And I am a big fan! Every time I visit the BB+++ webshop I become greedy. I want to have it all!!

Kellie's heart is with her family, beautiful designed products, fashion, interior, plants & flowers, photography and many more........ Please be welcome in her family's shop and enjoy the beauty and quality!

T-shirt short sleeve large fit 3 vegDanny blue
 Jaguar aop dress redPlayshapes

1. INSEKT desk +Kids
2. Bobo Choses collection
3. Floris Hovers Archtetoys and more
4. Luckyboysunday collection
5. Mini Rodini collection
6. Millergoodmann playshapes and Facemakers

Buisjes & Beugels +++ webshop also has a great collection for you, with beautiful items from Mae Engelgeer, Hay, Lucky Boysunday...and more...much more!

'I try to find Fashion, Design & Paraphernalia for Family Life!'

Visit Buisjes & Beugels +++ here and feel welcome  >>>

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